Privateer Yacht Club was organized on July 25, 1940, in order to promote sailing in the Chickamauga Lake area and particularly in Chattanooga; to teach its members to talk the language of the sea and build up a marine tradition for "The Great Lakes of The South"; to help promote water safety and a code of ethics for the waterways; to form a social and activity nucleus for people in the area interested in sailing; and to develop an active relationship with other sailing and boating  organizations to promote racing and other boating activities.


Privateer Yacht Club has 4 levels of membership:

1.  Family Membership

2.  Associate Membership

3.  Out of Town Membership - Limited to former Family Members

4.  Junior Membership - Non Family member under 25 years old.


In order to become a Family Member of PYC, you must go through a one year period as an Associate Member.  This is a period of evaluation.  PYC has a statutory membership cap of 150 Family members.  As we near that cap, we are selective in accepting new family members.  Family Membership is only offered to individuals who participate in PYC activities and contribute to the overall well being of the Club.  In order to be accepted as an Associate Member, one must be sponsored by two Family Members. 

PYC welcomes all guests.  You are encouraged to visit the Club and meet some family members who will be willing to sponsor you after they get to know you a little bit.  You may be invited to participate in racing as a crewmember on someone's boat.  We race every Saturday at 1 pm and on Sundays from April to October at 2:30pm.  We also have Wednesday evening racing for keel boats at 7 pm from April through August.  We usually have social events about once per month.  


Link to Application for Associate Membership

Link to Application for Junior Membership

(Must be signed by 2 Family Members in good standing)


The following information is provided to all new members of Privateer Yacht Club.  It explains the basics of our rules and gives a little insight as to what Privateer is all about.

New Member Information


We have developed a brochure designed to help new sailors choose their 1st boat.  The brochure introduces 3 boats that are all very good entry level boats that are reasonably priced, perform well in our light air conditions, have good resale value, and have the support of active fleets within Privateer Yacht Club.  It also has links to web sites that give much more detailed information about the boats.  Check it out.

Choosing Your 1st Boat


Dues Structure

1.  Family Member            - $1,000  One Time Capital Assessment 

                                             - $150 per quarter plus $14.00 sales tax

2.  Associate Members    - $150 per quarter plus $14.00 sales tax

3.  Junior Members          - $36 per year plus $3.33 sales tax

Wet Slip Fees

 Wet slip fees are charged at $1 per foot per month.  You must be a Family Member and have paid your capital assessment in full.  Limited to Sailboats only.   There is a waiting list for wet slips.

Dry Storage Fees

Sailboats and their trailers may be stored in PYC's storage lots for a fee of $7.50 per dry slip per month.  Family Members, Associate Members and Junior Members are eligible for a space.  A Family member in need of a dry space may bump an Associate or Junior Member.  Limited to Sailboats only.

Out of town members are not eligible to store any equipment on PYC property.

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Upcoming Events

Wed Jan 19 @ 8:00AM -
Cleaning Crew
Wed Jan 19 @ 5:00PM -
Captain's Class Exams
Thu Jan 20 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
Pete Snyder Art Group
Sat Jan 22 @ 6:00PM -
PYC Annual Meeting
Sun Jan 23 @ 2:00PM -
Portsmouth Frostbite
Wed Jan 26 @ 8:00AM -
Cleaning Crew
Thu Jan 27 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
Pete Snyder Art Group

PYC Ship's Store

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