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The first Chattanooga Challenge was to be a challenge race among the Tennessee fleets, but our participation from all over the Southeast has been amazing.  It is now an open regatta and one of the 5 races on the GRITS (Great Racing in the South) Circuit.  Don't miss the Next Chattanooga Challenge  scheduled for April 30 & May 1, 2016.  


Catalina 22


Chattanooga Challenge

2019 Chattanooga Challenge Final Results


2018 Chattanooga Challenge Final Results


2017 Chattanooga Challenge Final Results


  2016 Chattanooga Challenge Final Results



2015 Chattanooga Challenge Final Results

Below is a link to all the photos taken from this year's Challenge.  You may downloand and use any of them that you like.  You will have to sign up for a Dropbox account if you don't already have one, but it is very easy.  You just have to enter your email address and it does not create a lot of spam.

Pictures From 2015 Chattanooga Challenge


Fleet News

The Catalina 22 fleet was formed at Privateer Yacht Club many years ago.  It was  reactivated a few years ago due to the efforts Kent Overbeck.  The 2012 fleet captain is David Bergevin.  Our fleet has grown exponentially over the last few years and we are now over 40 boats, the largest one design fleet in Privateer and the largest Catalina 22 fleet in the world!  One of our current fleet members, Walt Jenison, was one of the original fleet members and the Club Champion when the fleet was first formed in the early 1970's.  

 Fleet Racing

1. The fleet has now decided to race as one fleet, so there will be no division between Gold and Silver for the year end results.  

2. Each Boat is awarded points for the number of boats beaten in each individual race plu 1.  For example, in a 5 boat race, the 1st place boat will receive 5 points (finished ahead of 4 boats plus 1).  The4th place boat will receive 2 points(finished ahead of 1 boat plus 1).

3. There will be one throw out of a boats worst score for each 6 races sailed.  The throw out will count towards the number of races needed to qualify, but will be deducted from the final series score.

4. The number of races needed to qualify will be the nearest whole number greater than the average number of races sailed by all of the particpants in the series.

5.  Ties will be broken in the following manner:

            A. Comparison of qualifying races.  Who had the most 1sts, 2nds, 3es, etc.

            B. If still tied, then comparison of the throw outs.  i.e. Who had the most 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's, etc.

            C. If still tied, thenwho beat who the most in head to head competition.

            D. If still tied, then they are tied.


2019 Fleet Racing Results


2018 Fleet Racing Results 


2017 Fleet Racing Results


2016 Fleet Racing Results


2015 Fleet Racing Results


2014 Fleet Racing Results


 2013 Race Final Results   



2010 National Regatta

Fleet 95 hosted the 2010 Catalina 22 National Regatta on Joe Wheeler Lake May 15th through the 20th, 2010.  The participants started arriving Friday afternoon before the event to get a little practice on the lake before the racing began on the following Monday.  Joe Wheeler State Park was in pristine condition.  Everyone was impressed with the room available at the launching ramp for rigging and launching.  The Park officials made special arrangements for us to store our empty trailers in a secure area for the week of the event.  The majority of the boats started coming on on Saturday.  Things really got busy for David Bergevin and his crew measuring sails on Saturday in the River Room.  Everyone found a slip to tie up their boat, got their sails measured and got checked into their rooms by Sunday afternoon.  Many comments were heard about the convenience of having your boat tied up right behind your motel room.  It was really not necessary to event start your car for the rest of the week.  Everything you needed was right there at your fingertips.  Our PRO, Dick Dommell and the other race officials arrived by Sunday afternoon.  The competitors meeting was held at 1330 and a practice race was started at 1500.  Due to the threat of storms, the practice race was cut short and everyone made it in to the harbor with time to spare before the welcome dinner Sunday night.  As usual, the Lodge prepared a great buffet dinner.  All of the participants got plenty to eat and enjoyed a few malted beverages.  After dinner, many national awards were handed out by the Catalina 22 Class Board of Directors and everyone enjoyed renewing old friendships and making new ones.  Dick Dommell held a race committee seminar right after dinner that was attended by most of the race committee and many competitors as well.  Everyone was primed for the racing to begin on Monday.

Monday was a perfect day for racing.  The winds were steady at about 8 to 10 mph, the sun was out and the temperatures were comfortable.  The conditions were so good that our PRO decided to run an additional 3rd race for the day to get a little insurance against the possibility of bad weather later in the week.  After day 1, Justin Chambers was leading the gold fleet, but Reid Collins had beaten him in the spinnaker race that morning.  It was Justin in 1st in the Gold, Norbert Falk leading the Silver fleet and Reid Collins leading the Spinnaker fleet.  Monday night, no events were planned, so everyone was on their own for dinner.  Many people enjoyed dining at the Lodge restaurant and many went into town to enjoy the local cuisine of Florence, Al

Day 2 arrived with again near perfect weather.  Two races were held and Justin got 2 firsts in the Gold fleet and also won the Spinnaker fleet race that morning.  It was now Justin still leading the Gold fleet.  Norbert was still leading the Silver fleet and Justin had taken over the lead from Reid in the Spinnaker fleet.  That night we all got in our cars for a trip to Muscle Shoals Sailing Club for a cookout.  MSSC were wonderful hosts.  They prepared a great meal and provided a keg for everyone to enjoy.  Everyone loved their nice new club house and its great view of Wilson Lake.

Day 3 was the worst weather of the week.  The winds were very light and only 1 race was held.  After a long slow race, the leading boats didn't change.  It was still Justin in the Gold, Norbert in the Silver, and Justin in the Spinnaker fleet.  

Day 4 was the last day of racing.  We woke up to some great breeze on the lake.  The winds were 12 to 15 with some stronger puffs.  Some of the spinnaker fleet struggled with the strong breeze and didn't fly their chutes.  After the race was over, Justin got 1st for the day and won the spinnaker fleet.  The wind backed down a little by the time the Gold and Silver fleets got on the water at 1300.  There was a short delay for some commercial traffic that was forced through the middle of the racing area due to the strong winds.  After they passed through, the final race was started for the Gold and Silver fleet.  Justin and Norbert again took 1st place each in the Gold and Silver fleet to win the regatta. 

Congratulations to the winners.         National Champion and Gold Fleet Winner - Justin Chambers - Lake Lanier Sailing Club

                                                        Silver Fleet Winner - Norbert Falk - Rome Sailing Club

                                                        Spinnaker Fleet Winner - Justin Chambers - Lake Lanier Sailing Club

This was the 4th year in a row that Justin Chambers has won the National Championship!

Link to the Final Results

There are many thanks due to many people who made this regatta the success that it was.  The committee Chairmen were John Rathjen, Treasurer; Dieter Kuberg, Registration; Sandy Vanden Branden & Chet Tchetter, Sponsorship & Regatta Booklet; David Bergevin, Measurer; Tom Clark, Scoring; Rob Fowler, Awards; Bob Ives, Shirts; Guy Campbell, Equipment; Kent Overbeck, Race Committee, Brainard Cooper, Race Committee; Richard Ralston, Race Committee, Dan Williams, Race Committee; and Bob Bissell, Photo Boat.  We got a huge amount of assistance from Wheeler Yacht Club and particularly Doug Fox and Gar Bouse, who recruited all of the race committee help and provided all of the official boats for the event.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to our PRO Dick Dommell and our Chief Judge, Edith Collins.  Both of them did an outstanding job.  Dick also got assistance from Hal Smith and Art Hutson as well as an army of volunteers from Wheeler Yacht Club on race committee.  The staff at Joe Wheeler Lodge and Resort also did a great job.  They were there to help any time we needed assistance and were able to accommodate anything and everything we needed.  We got many compliments about the facilities, the food, and the sailing conditions as well as the organization of the event.  Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Bill Robertson, Regatta Chairman

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