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Need Crew or a Skipper?

PYC has many sailors who are new to our club! They would love to crew for you in a race or while cruising around the lake! Please consider inviting them out on your sailboat! If you are a skipper wanting crew then using our enthusiastic new members is a good way to get sailing. Text or call to set up a time/date to meet! Even if the wind is not predicted to be great, you could go out for a pleasant evening motor and get acquainted! Please take this opportunity to get to know some of our new members and those who are hoping to become Associates as spots become available. Please access the list via the link below. If you're not on this list to be invited to crew and are interested in crewing, or if you are a skipper looking for crew, please email Orenda Gregory to provide your name and contact number. Everyone is welcome!

Crew/Skipper List Link


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