PURPOSE: To give young sailors interested in improving their skills a chance to get on the water and have fun doing so. Race Team members will be encouraged to become Sail Camp Counselors and Instructors. The reason Racing is used for continued education is the process of getting from point A to B as fast as possible involves total understanding of good sailing practices.

SOURCE OF RACERS: Sail camp is the obvious place to solicit sailors to continue sailing education through racing. We need to mention the race team in emails to parents and especially promote this opportunity during the Friday awards ceremony.

COMMUNICATIONS: It is very important that we keep frequent contact and news sent to the Race Team families. We should at least for a time include all sail camp participants in hopes of picking up new members. Facebook, a website as well as email. Link to


INCLUSIVE: The race team will be open to any sailor, regardless of ability. Movement from beginner to advanced, or what is sometimes called the traveling team, will be based on ability. Some sailors may be encouraged to become 420 crew where they can learn from seasoned skippers.

PROGRAM LEADERSHIP / PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Every effort should be made to get parents involved with boat rigging and even out on the water during practices. Parents should not be encouraged to be members of PYC unless they truly have a desire to sail themselves. Team members are encouraged to become Junior members of PYC.

PRACTICES: We want to give the sailors as much opportunity to sail as possible.

DURING SAIL CAMP: There will be a schedule of practices announced that interested campers can attend. During Sail Camp practices the group will use the Optimists and Fusions depending on their physical size. There will be no charge for this introduction to racing. In the fall a traveling team will be formed to practice and attend area Regattas. They will use 420 and Laser sailboats.

OPPORTUNITY TO RACE: PYC has an underutilized Wed, Thurs, Sat. and Sunday race programs. With planning this can be another opportunity for youth to get out 

and sail as crew or once on the traveling team to race their own boats..

HAVING FUN: It is suggested that every practice include some sort of gathering after coming off the water. Pizza party, grilled hotdogs, a movie with popcorn, etc.

TRAVELING TEAM FEES: There will be a small annual fee to help defray use of equipment, paying of coaches, etc. This fee will be assessed annually on September 1. Sail Camp Tuesday practices are free.

TEAM NAME: The team will be under the umbrella of PSEF but the name could be PYC RACE TEAM.

The following are the websites of successful race programs with spin off from summer camps.

Pewaukee Lake sailing school,

Lake Geneva Sailing School ,

Lake Forest Sailing

For More information about the race team contact:

Steve Sherman:, 423 432 6501

Ed Buiel:, 423 903 7039


Secondary address